Service Solutions

Solutions to Support Your Assets

With a service life of over 20 years and similar investment obligations, you need a strong partner that offers excellent service and support. ConverterTec is the company you can rely on today, in 20 years and beyond.

We offer a wide Aftermarket & Service portfolio to support you during the commissioning phase and throughout the entire service life of your installed system, enabling you to operate your asset reliable, cost-effectively and with maximized yields.

Technical Support & Field Service

Choose a ConverterTec training to gain expertise and enable independent service. We offer a full portfolio to qualify your technicians to maintain and service a complex CONCYCLE converter system safely. Our courses are available in different languages.

Select the appropriate elements from the ConverterTec Service Contract portfolio that suits your needs best. Depending on the required service intensity, we can offer guaranteed repair or response times, management of spare parts inventory and provide recommendations for future service.

ConverterTec invests in product upgrades and retrofits in order to maintain high availability and ensure improvements. Our primary focus is on main components of the converter and involves close cooperation between the CONCYCLE® development department and the ConverterTec Aftermarket.


When a turbine is down it is essential that it starts operating again as quickly as possible. It is of great value when you can rely on professional and efficient service to minimize downtime.

Our technical support line connects you with our highly qualified experts. Our technicians have a wealth of experience in the field and are on hand 24/7, worldwide. In case you need us on site we are also there for you. Our emergency response team is available to our contract customers.

Our service management database combines all relevant information, making it available at a glance – enabling rapid results. The remote diagnostic system supplements the information you supply on the telephone or via email. Our global service-CRM enables comprehensive analysis to ensure that all processes and actions can be traced. Hence all of our technicians can support your case while having an overview of the entire service life of your converter system.

Technical expertise, fast response times and reliable technology are decisive factors for ensuring that your system is back in operation as fast as possible. You can rely on ConverterTec’s technical support as we are here for you: Any time. Anywhere.


Ensure that the converter is always operating to its full potential by carrying out regular maintenance work on your CONCYCLE® systems. Simply use the maintenance components that meet your needs. You are free to choose from a performance review, safety and function expansion packages, through to preventative measures including replacement recommendations.

Performance review

Inspection of the installed CONCYCLE® systems in terms of performance, and recommended action for further optimization.

Safety package

Inspection of all safety-relevant functions and recommendations for actions.

Performance improvement package

Performance improvements and extended functions of CONCYCLE® systems using upgrades and retrofit kits. Lifecycle management engineering based on our practical experience.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance of ConverterTec systems can help you extend your converter’s useful life and to avoid unplanned downtime at your installed asset.

Emergency support

In the case of unexpected operating conditions, we can support you quickly and competently on site through our international service centers.

Service Performance

We are a reliable partner and are able to support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your asset. The service performance of our Field Service on-site shows a first fix rate of > 99 percent and an average response time of < 2 hours for the technical remote support. We are continually improving our service performance and regularly incorporate your feedback into our future service offerings. We always aim to ensure that your system reaches its full potential.

To achieve our own target we have established a continuous exchange between our Service and the Engineering department. We are convinced that this is the only way to ensure that findings from Field Service and Technical Support are placed and processed directly in our Engineering to further improve our products.

Commissioning & Troubleshooting

ConverterTec engineers can support your on-site teams during the commissioning phase. If required, we can carry out the entire commissioning process for you.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly during and after the commissioning phase, we recommend our initial spare part package – tailor-made to suit your project.

Products & Upgrades

Controller Upgrade to CSC4

Customers upgrading the installed CSC3 controller to the latest generation will benefit from state-of-the-art technology and ConverterTec´s decades of in-house development as one of the leading independent converter manufacturers.

The CSC4 control belongs to ConverterTec´s core competencies and has proven its outstanding reliability and robustness through its application in more than 13,000 installed converter systems. Its functionality has been continuously improved.

The Upgrade to CSC4 was developed for the remaining lifetime of the installed frequency converter and provides new functions as added value. The new device is maintenance-free and works stably.

Service Friendly

  • Software installation and upgrades can be carried out by your trained technicians
  • Prefabricated adapters for installation
  • Multi language tool

Improved Troubleshooting

  • Extended monitoring functions
  • Faster and more stable remote access to the converter control and analysis unit
  • Improved trigger and event recorder supporting in depth analytics

Reduced Service Costs

  • Reduced system price
  • Reduces storage costs due to less variants
  • Higher system stability

Improved Operating Characteristics

  • State-of-the-art control technology
  • Higher operational reliability proven in >6500 systems worldwide

Service Stack - One Universal Solution

Discover the latest technology, flexibility and benefit from significantly improved performance and savings.

The Service Stack provides you a retrofit solution that can be used for RAC 3xx and ModSTACKTM variants installed in CONCYCLE® converter application.

Numerous advantages, such as the use of only one replacement type for different stack variants will reduce your service costs and simplify the troubleshooting.

The service-friendly arrangement of the components and the accurate selection of long-term provision spare parts are only a few improvements that are based on our long-lasting experience.

One solution fits all

  • Universal solution to serve RAC 3xx and ModSTACKTM systems
  • Reduces storage costs by universal stack design
  • Application specific communication boards
  • Optional Parallel Board for Master functionality

Improved Troubleshooting

  • LED indicator for operation status
  • Defined LED error codes to support troubleshooting without additional tools
  • Sporadic errors are logged per IGBT

Reduced Service Costs

  • Reduced product price
  • Reduced lifecycle costs by defined on-site exchange components
  • Improved shelf life using film capacitors
  • Improved turn-around time for repairs

Improved Operating Characteristics

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • ConverterTec driver boards
  • Higher system stability optimized component selection
  • Extended temperature range due to optimized cooling concept
  • Symmetry supervision

Condition Monitoring - One Access

With increasing significance of renewable energy supply, utilities and grid operators are concerned about grid stability, load management and forecasting quality. More safety is required for operational planning. New condition monitoring systems for power electronics of CONCYCLE® converter systems can contribute to achieving this target.

ConverterTec provides our customers a monitoring system OneAccess that process the huge amounts of data using statistical models, artificial intelligence and an interactive user interface. Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are used to assess damage patterns and derive recommendations for action. Experience has shown that energy yield can be increased significantly via early detection of downtime and rapid intervention to remedy errors.

Due to the OneAccess, any Concycle® frequency converter can be made Internet-ready by way of simple adaptation. All relevant data would then be stored centrally and saved automatically.

Our system includes:

  • Access to your detailed Concycle® converter data
  • World wide web access
  • Different charts for data visualization
  • Analytic software modules
  • Core technologies (in development):
  • Machine learning
  • Predictive maintenance

Service Contracts

ConverterTec offers comprehensive service performance packages. You can select the basic variant ‘solid’ or the premium variant ‘fast’, which offers even faster and more extensive service support.

Our service program includes guaranteed response times, spare part management or longer support periods via our technical support – even around the clock if needed.

Our offers include:

Without Contract

Handshake Meeting

1x / year

2x / year

On-call technical support


Access 16/7 including public holidays**

Access 24/7 including public holidays**

Software access levels


CSC4: levels 1 & 2 CSC3: access

Preformance review

Is flexible in terms of planning but limited to once per converter during the contractual period (2 years)

Spare part management (ensuring optimal availability)

Definition and administration of a recommended customer-specific spare parts list

Optional: Selected parts can be dispatched within 24 hours from the ConverterTec warehouse*

Corrective maintenance (excluding spare parts)

Dependent upon availability

Service engineer is ready to travel within 3 working days

Service engineer is ready to travel within 24 hours

Repair of components

Guaranteed repair time for ConverterTec components: internal repair time of 20 days

Rapid Exchange Programme gives you the option of receiving spare parts quickly (used spare parts dispatched within 24 hours)***

Access to tools & training

Introduction & raising awareness

Maintenance, commissioning, basic troubleshooting

* limited to receiving orders and any technical questions relating to this

** during local and on-call times from 6:00am – 10:00pm

*** based on assigned spare parts list

**** CSC4 read only access, CSC3 no access

Services & Benefits

Handshake meetings

  • Optimizing economic viability and operation by reducing the probability of unexpected events
  • Optimized technical support and training preparation due to expert knowledge of the installed technology
  • Dual optimization of partner’s service performance utilizing KPI analysis
  • Improving the partner service strategy throughout the entire service life of the converter
  • Early planning in terms of future demand for material and personnel
  • Regular systematic overview of your installed fleet as well as any possible modifications and recommendations

On-call technical support

  • Fast and accurate support by our technical support – reducing possible downtime and service costs
  • Direct, precise and helpful instructions make it easier for you to repair any faults through our remote support
  • Unlimited number and duration of phone calls

Software access level

  • Ensuring that any errors are reliably fixed on-site or by remote access
  • You receive a clear picture of the converter’s performance
  • Allows error diagnostics by remote access

Performance review

  • Optimized technical support by improved system knowledge
  • Recommendations for preventive replacement of individual components in order to reduce downtime

Spare part management

  • You can reduce your initial material investment
  • We take over the handling and storage costs for spare parts
  • Your inventory space is reduced
  • Avoiding parts becoming obsolete due to extended storage periods
  • Limited risk of defects through non-compliance to storage requirements / conditions

Response times for corrective maintenance

  • Experienced ConverterTec service engineers travel to your site to quickly resolve errors on site
  • Fast solutions for unplanned converter downtime
  • ConverterTec experts have excellent first time fix rates

Repairing components

  • You can reduce your stock due to our guaranteed repair times
  • The Rapid Exchange Program guarantees a fast and cost efficient replacement of defect components with comparable used parts – with the same guaranteed quality

Tools & Training

  • Get access to tooling, enabling in-depth analysis
  • With expert training you can perform the maintenance independently, thereby reducing downtimes and operational costs

Training & Tools

Regularly improve your team´s skills

The new modular training program shares the knowledge of ConverterTec experts and allows you to perform maintenance and servicing on complex converter systems competently and safely.

Your benefits:

  • High first fix rate
  • More flexibility
  • Cost optimization and higher energy yield


Select the right level to meet your individual technical training. Training courses take place either in the ConverterTec Training Center, or alternatively in your company or in field if possible.

Courses are offered in German, English, Spanish or Turkish language according to your requirements and what suits you best.

Module 1: BASICS

Components & installation of the converter

Optimized adjustment with technical support through basic technical knowledge of the frequency converter

Module 2: SOFTWARE

Software usage & data analysis

Structure, use and options for individual programs to use tool chain and access relevant data


Commissioning, fault repair & replacing components

Independent commissioning of the system including practical troubleshooting & replacement components


Independent maintenance

Maintenance theory including maintenance manual & maintenance protocol, practical implementation of maintenance work


Currently not offered

Please contact us if you require assistance with a related matter. 


Refreshing modules 1 to 4

CONCYCLE® basics, functions of frequency converter systems, software, maintenance, smart repair and troubleshooting.

Online Training via eTraining modules possible.


Content tailor-made to suit you

You can define the theoretical and practical focus of the training course for the frequency converter or related areas. We are happy to advice you and help devise a tailor-made training package for your technicians.

Module 8: Upgrade to CSC4

Controller upgrade

Specific Training to upgrade an installed CSC3 controller to the state-of-the-art CSC4