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Experts in power conversion

ConverterTec is a globally acting company with strong expertise in power electronics and electrical cabinet construction. Based on our extensive know-how we offer technical support, field service, spare parts, comprehensive service products and customized solutions for power electronics and subsystems within the wind industry.

Founded in 1969 as SEG in Krefeld, Germany – grown under Woodward for more than 10 years – ConverterTec has a huge experience and knowledge base of power conversion technologies.

As of today we are looking to a legacy of more than 24,500 converter systems in on- and offshore applications, shipped to 47 different countries worldwide, which correspond to a power of more than 45 GW.

EmPOWERing your solutions!

You have a project or a new idea and need support?
We are experts in Build-to-Print and Build-to-Spec solutions as well as your trustful Service Solution provider.

Please feel free to contact us, we are happy to discuss your options!
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