Service Products

Service products to support your assets today, tomorrow and beyond.

A strong O&M support is essential to operate your assets for 20 years and more. Over last decades we have equipped a wide variety of wind turbines with our converter systems in on- and offshore installations. To support you in achieving your goals our offer goes beyond spare part supply and support. We offer the right tool chain and upgrades to further improve your assets during operation. To do so we have established a close connection between our Service and Engineering to provide you with the latest technology also used for our latest converter systems.


The CSC4 controller is ConverterTec‘s well proven in-house solution to run Concycle converter systems. Hence it is possible to adapt the functionalities according to your specific needs. This upgrade is suitable for all Concycle systems initially equipped with a CSC3 controller technology.

In addition, all Concycle systems equipped with a CSC4 controller can be
connected to ConverterTec OneAccess monitoring system.

Beside the improved operational availability of your converter system the upgrade also extends the functional scope significantly.


Discover the latest generation of IGBT technology, flexibility and benefit from significantly improved performance and saving. The cutting-edge retrofit solution is now available for RAC 3xx as well as ModSTACK(TM) installed in Concycle converter systems. Numerous benefits like One-All-Purpose Stack, reduced service costs, simplified troubleshooting, optimized operating characteristics, a service friendly composition and long-term provision of spare parts are only a few improvements based on our long-lasting experience. Unleash the potential of flexible usage in different system generations.


Beside product upgrades to improve the operational performance of your assets and secure of supply chain, we offer a comprehensive tool chain to access and analyze the systems installed.

The Concycle SystemTool enables you to access and analyze each converter system in detail via our data visualizer. This supports fast troubleshooting and guarantees highest possible first-fix-rates. 

The integrated commissioning wizard ensures a smooth commissioning process by guidance to avoid errors while doing.