Wind Applications

Concycle® Wind Applications

In the past 25 years we have equipped a wide variety of wind turbines with our converter systems. Today our solutions are still operational in on- and offshore installations and different climatic zones. ConverterTec offers optimized and tailor-made solutions to support DFIG and Full-Size (FSC) wind turbine converter application.

Our products are designed and tested to comply with the most challenging grid code requirements wherever you plan your installation. Based on our Modular Platform we are able to meet your requirements with a specific solution, supported by our strong and experienced team.

Your Benefits

  • Maximum annual energy production (AEP)
  • High reliability
  • More reactive power capability
  • Expertise in implementation of customer requirements
  • Flexible system integration
  • Optimum grid connection
  • Designed for future grid code requirements
  • Experts in simulation behavior
  • Software verification on the Hardware-In-The-Loop (HIL) test bench
  • Qualified and professional technical support

DFIG Application

  • Semi variable speed system > (± 30%)
  • Converter system designed for approx. 30% of the system power
    • Higher system efficiency by reduced conversion losses
    • Reduced CoE by converter design
    • Compact design and better nacelle integration

FSC Application

  • Solutions available for different generator types (e.g. PMSG, EESG, SCIG)
  • Gearless drivetrain possible
  • Extended variable speed range compared to DFIG systems
  • Converter system decouples generator from grid side