ConverterTec announces CSC│X as replacement for GE’s A10 board

Having long-term experience in power electronics and controller development, ConverterTec starts supporting the life extension of the aged converter systems. In addition to the service for their own fleet of products, brand new support and spare part solutions will be also available for installed GE´s ProWind systems. The first replacement product for GE systems – the new controller CSC│X – will be available for the customers in December 2021.

The underlying premise of this development for ProWind systems is GE´s announcement to discontinue the so called A10 control board. ConverterTec will be able to replace them with the CSC│X controller, which is based on the existing and proven CSC4 controller in more than 13.000 converter systems globally.

For today, controller CSC4 is an up-to-date product for ConverterTec systems. The company has already upgraded more than 870 previous CSC3 operated converters to CSC4 controllers around the world. This reflects the expertise and customer demand in state-of-the-art controller technology.

All converter equipped with a CSC4 or CSC│X can be optionally connected to ConverterTec’s OneAccess solution allowing remote and in-depth condition monitoring of the power converter. In addition, all customers opting for a CSC│X will also have access to the ConverterTec’s toolchain to access data and troubleshoot the converter system using the SystemTool and DataVisualizer software.

The new product CSC│X can be installed by the customers themselves – ConverterTec on-site support is usually not required. Moreover, the new CSC│X installation kit is optimized for shipping and installation right inside the existing cabinet – the existing frame remains within the converter system and ist used to mount the CSC│X controller.

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