FlexCon is a flexible converter solution based on our proven Concycle platform.

Based on our Modular Platform which has initially been designed to serve wind applications, we offer a flexible converter system for various AD-DC applications such as Battery Storage or Hydrogen – FlexCon.

The reliable system design has proven itself under toughest conditions and different climatic zones. ConverterTec offers optimized and tailor made solutions to support AD-DC application. Our products are designed and tested to comply with the most challenging grid code requirements wherever you plan your installation. 


Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are an integral element of the energy transition. Due to the planned shutdown of conventional power plants and the steady increase in volatile renewable energy sources within the energy supply chain, the role of BESS in securing the energy supply and grid stability will increase massively.

These highly flexible applications enable an alignment of energy needs and availability especially against the background of fluctuating generation and declining conventional power generation.


ConverterTec │ FlexBatCon Battery Storage FC1000BS-3

ConverterTec │ FlexBatCon Battery Storage FC1500BS-3

ConverterTec │ FlexBatCon Battery Storage FC3450BS-3


ConverterTec supports the development of the industry by its optimized FlexHyCon converter solutions. This solution allows direct coupling with renewables in case of co-location or standalone operation of electrolyzer applications while being supplied efficiently – no matter what technology and how many DC-strings are mandatory.

Our solutions are available as containerized or SKID solutions incl. a dry-cast transformer and optional medium voltage switchgear and ready for outdoor or indoor installation.


ConverterTec │ FlexHyCon Power Station ALCALINE

ConverterTec │ FlexHyCon Power Station PEM

ConverterTec │ FlexHyCon Power Station SOEC