Power Electronics in the Center


We offer customer specific development, production and service for tailor-made converter solutions in on- and offshore based applications. 

Our flexible Modular Platform is designed to fulfill your requirements whether you are in need of an AC-DC-AC (e.g. wind application) or an AC-DC (e.g. Battery Storage or Hydrogen) system. Onshore and offshore installations worldwide are witnessing our product robustness as well ConverterTec´s high level of expertise within the industry. Our digitalized requirements management and testing system guarantees the highest level of meeting customers’ requirements while ensuring highest quality during the entire product development and production process.

CONCYCLE® converter solutions are technologically leading and set benchmarks in the renewable energy sector. The high power density achieved by our unique design enables flexible arrangement e.g. in a 20ft. or 40ft. container, inside a wind turbine nacelle or a wind tower installation. We ensure maximum reliability, best efficiency and highest yields. The reduced footprint leaves you the space to arrange additional components mandatory for your application in space restricted areas.


The key to our flexibility is our Modular Platform design of our converter systems. We distinguish between different software and hardware building blocks enabling us to offer solutions based on modular bricks to fulfill customer requirements. 


One of the core modules is the Power Stack. We are constantly going beyond boundaries by questioning the status quo. Our innovation focused approach combined with a collaborative orientated mentality enables us to provide competitive and profitable solutions to contribute to tomorrow’s sustainable energy landscape. 


Beside the in-house developed Power Stack, we have engineered a converter system optimized controller solution. Our Converter System Controller CSC4 enables us to react fast on customer needs. We are also in control of managing the supply chain to ensure the availability of components to support your projects today as well as your installed assets within the coming decades.