A new ConverterTec building in Poland for the production of power conversion technologies is almost prepared and will be able to start producing in February 2022. This facility will have almost doubled its manufacturing and warehouse capacity following its relocation to an up-to-date building in Krakow.

The new facility consists of the office, production sites, warehouse and technical area that in total reaches 11 750 m2. This new facility has been designed by ConverterTec to provide the most efficient and modern areas in one place. After the relocation, which will end at the end of January 2022, the company will have space for all products storage that will be able to reduce transportation logistics costs. 

At the beginning of the next year, ConverterTec will have all entire warehouse and production area under one roof. This possibility will allow us to run development projects in a more comfortable way and to increase production for customers. We believe this new facility will have a great impact on ConverterTec power electronics business

Andrzej Skwierawski, General Manager of ConverterTec Poland Sp. z.o.o.